About Me

I’ve loved photography for as long as I can remember.

Over 15 years ago my parents bought me a second hand film camera and I would spend time snapping photos of insects and animals in the garden. Not really knowing what I was doing the results were mixed at best, but as time progressed I got to grips with the principals and started to improve.

A few years later I purchased one of the very first digital cameras, a Ricoh RDC-2. It was very expensive and severely limited in many areas, but with a screen and the potential for unlimited shooting with instant results I was hooked.

I subsequently progressed onto a Canon IXUS compact and then onto my first DSLR – a Canon 350D which really accelerated my learning. As time went by I took thousands more photos of anything and everything. I’m a very visual, artistic person (I also work as a motion graphics and 3D designer) and photography allows my creativity to flourish.

In more recent years I’ve grown considerably in my abilities and developed my own style of image. My kit has grown with me and I now shoot with the very best professional gear. I use a Canon 5D Mk III with flashes, triggers and five L Series lenses, including my very special 85mm f/1.2 II L portrait lens. I fully process my work using a high-end PC workstation and Adobe Lightroom, something I love almost as much as taking pictures!

I enjoy many types of photography including landscape, macro and wildlife, but my real passion is the documenting of people and I do this through my wedding and portrait work.

In the summer of 2014 I built my own studio from scratch which enabled me to really consider all aspects of the space, design and uses to achieve the best results.

Thanks for taking the time to look around my site. Please visit the contact page to get in touch.